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  • Name: 3D Flat Active Knee Support Sleeve with Bandage

Item Nam 3D Flat Active Knee Support Sleeve with Bandage
Category Supports & Orthoses » Knee Supports
Material Nylon,Spandex,Spiral steel bones,Silicone insert,elastic bandage
Sizes S M L XL XXL
Color Black+Grey
  • BREATHABLE, COMFORTABLE, UNISEX BRACE: Its breathable, elastic material prevents sweat buildup, while offering hi-tech, 3D knee protection. Ideal for prolonged wear and use, this brace is available in 5 sizes, catering to men and women alike.
  • ENHANCE PERFORMANCE: Train harder, train longer WITHOUT worrying about knee pain. Our knee brace affords a full range of motion, all the while offering optimal compression for target blood flow stimulation to the knee area. As you move and train while wearing your brace, your knee joints and ligaments remain perfectly oxygenized and warm, reducing swelling, discomfort and minimizing post-workout recovery.
  • PREVENT INJURIES: By stabilizing your knee area and keeping it warm, our knee brace helps reduce the incidence of tendonitis, while it provides relief from arthritis, osteoporosis and other joint and ligament pain-inducing conditions. The knee brace makes for a foolproof protective measure for anyone currently in physical therapy or just rejoining the gym after sustaining ACL, meniscus, patellar or other knee-related injuries.
  • PROTECT YOUR KNEES: Inarguably your legs' most fragile parts, the knees are in need of protection while working out, participating in sports, as well as proper support for those suffering from joint and arthritic pain, or any kind of knee injuries. The knee brace is your best choice for optimal knee compression and support, helping you move, PAIN-FREE.
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