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Knee Sleeves vs. Braces vs. Pads Number of visits: Date:2016-09-22

Knee Sleeves vs. Braces vs. Pads

When you look for a knee sleeve basketball style, you need to know the difference between sleeves, braces and pads.

They all serve different functions and protect you in different ways.

Then, you also have hybrid types like padded knee sleeves which can give a little of two worlds.

Here is the most important difference between sleeves and everything else.

Sleeves help protect against FUTURE injury whereas braces protect a knee that already has had an injury.

Sleeves will do little good helping a previously injured knee if you are in need of support.

Braces are also great for rehab since they can provide much more stability than a knee sleeve.

You may have seen an athlete wearing a thick knee brace after an injury as they are recovering.

Knee sleeves cannot be used for major injury recovery.

If you've suffered an ACL or MCL tear, a broken knee bone, or other serious injury, you should consult with a professional and likely choose a brace to protect you.

Pads are also a protection against FUTURE injury as they are for impact protection.

People mostly use pads on their knees and thighs to prevent getting hits there.

Many basketball players get a hit to the knee or thigh which can be extremely painful.

Pads help minimize that impact so it shouldn't hurt too bad. Think of Dwayne Wade. He's covered in pads from his chest down to his knees.

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