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What Does a Knee Compression Sleeve Do?

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Before reviewing your different options in knee compression sleeves, it is important to understand what a knee sleeve is and what it is not.
A knee compression sleeve is not the same thing as a knee brace, although many use the terms interchangeably.
A knee brace is used to protect a past knee injury and keep it from returning. K
nee compression sleeves, on the other hand, are designed for the following:
• To protect knee joints under pressure from future injury or damage.
If you participate in activities such as running,jumping, or weightlifting,wearing a knee sleeve can help limit muscle vibration and prevent fatigue which will avoid damage to the knee area.
• To add compression to the knee area that contributes to increasing blood flow, reduce swelling, and minimize pain in the knee joints both during and after intense exercise. The compression helps your muscles to recover faster from your workout.

If you have knee pain or soreness, I recommend you visit your doctor to determine the source of your pain. Merely using a knee compression sleeve may just be masking the underlying problem. If your doctor decides you don’t have a severe injury that needs treatment, however, you may find that wearing a knee compression sleeve is just what you need to reach ultimate performance and recovery from your workout. 

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